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Friday, December 2nd, 2011

The first Archive release is:

Mu & Shu Points – (circa 2003)

The more advanced points of the body and their affects.

This video was the first video (or for that matter any medium), that covered the more dangerous points on the human body. Never before were the points of the spine ever taught and it caused great concern, disgust and scathing reprimand from the Kyusho community for releasing this information publicly.


And less than the DVD… with no shipping and instant access as well.

Go check the free preview in the Archives section at:

Gary Rooks Sound Projection DVD

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

New Release to

Gary Rooks 3rd DVD has now been released on the original Online Kyusho Educational Program.

These DVDs are no longer produced or sold and we are proud to offer them to you as the sole source of this great information.

Gary Rooks was the First to expose Sound Projection to Kyusho and in general for Martial Artists everywhere. 

This is the third release from Gary Rooks and many more will be added in time as these truly classic works are preserved for Martial Artists everywhere.

Learning Kyusho

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

There is no teaching, only learning. 

What I mean by this is… until you are emotionally prepared to learn, nothing about your cognitive position will change.

This is doubly true when it comes to learning new behaviors, especially when those behaviors are tied to something that is as emotionally charged as your beliefs (in your style of many years as an example).

As you read this, know that you can not expect anyone to change their skill level until able to accept that they are willing to learn a full process instead of compare and pick bits of information here and there.

This I believe is the problem facing many today in Kyusho.   They watch this or that on YouTube, they buy a book from this expert and watch a video of another, while taking a seminar from yet another.   The only way to truly learn is with faith and focus… have faith in one source, then focus on that process.

If you want the skills of one entity, focus on the exact process of that entity.

As someone once said – “We can’t guarantee our success.  All we can do are the right things to deserve it.”

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Kyusho Double Impact Seminar

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Double Impact

Double Impact Seminar taught by Jim Corn and Mark Kline in Monfalcone, Italy 2010.

This will be released in an ongoing process, one chapter from each instructor is already active… new chapters each week will be added!

5   hours of information

Jim Corn

- Kyusho Knife Self Defense
- Pre-Emptive Kyusho
- Multiple Point Striking
- Extreme Tuite
- Kata Gojushiho
- Kata Sanchin

Mark Kline

- Kyusho Drills
- Striking for Better Tuite
- Tuite Flow
- Kyusho Stick Fighting
- Kata Gojushiho
- Kata Sanchin

DVD Special price of $199 + shipping

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You save $90 + there is no shipping so you save $15 more for a total 0f $114 is savings!

New Look!

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Yes soon we will have a great new look adding to the functionality of the site!

Also in our future is new videos in High Defintion so that when you plug the computer into your large screen TV, it will look everybit as good as a DVD.

The upside is that you will be able to still have the 5 layer anatomical illustrations, written explainations as well as the interactive learning on the forum.

The DVD is almost obsolete… this is where we are now headed for your Kyusho education!

Also we will be adding old archived series, new titles and making this the most comprehensive web site for your Kyusho Education!